Alimerka Oviedo Basketball donates €946.50 to the Isabel Gemio Foundation for research into rare diseases and muscular dystrophies 

Alimerka Oviedo Basketball has managed to raise €946.50 from sales of their special edition game shirts and help from the city. The design, carried out by Marcos García, founder of the Basiliscus & Cía collective, includes the ‘Paisanu’ and Santa María, a profile of the city’s Cathedral, or the facade of the Town Hall.

“I wanted to include the Oviedo skyline with the club’s corporate colors, blue and orange, as well as those of the sacavera, which is a recurring theme in my compositions. The idea came up of making limited edition designs for charity and I thought of the Isabel Gemio Foundation, which investigates muscular dystrophy”, explains García about the shirt.

The proceeds from the sales and also auctions of horseback riding lessons will go to our foundation for the investigation of muscular dystrophies and rare diseases.

Many thanks to Alimerka Oviedo Baloncesto and to all who have contributed!

Without you, it would not be possible.