Fundación Isabel Gemio commemorates World Rare Disease Day together with young people affected and their families

On the occasion of World Rare Disease Day, the Isabel Gemio Foundation has organized a round table with young people affected by rare diseases and their families at Banco Santander’s Work Café in Madrid. Isabel Gemio herself has been in charge of giving voice to the testimonies of Jessica, Juan and Olivia. Cristina, Juan’s mother, has told her son “Juan, you are not rare / weird… you are extraordinary!”

During the event, which was also streamed, we also learned the stories of Abraham and Anabel, who use social networks and online platforms as tools to publicize their illness and their daily routine. Abraham has said that “we should not pay attention to rare diseases only today, but every day of the year.”

We have learned about the latest scientific advances from Dr. Lluis Montoliu and Isabel Gemio has highlighted the importance of research for those affected by rare diseases and for the whole of society.

Isabel took advantage of the event to also talk about the Erasmus+ project coordinated by the Foundation, YOUNG PEOPLE WITH RARE DISEASES: THE VALUE OF FACING LIFE. More than a thousand people, including young people affected by rare diseases, families, volunteers and youth technicians, have benefited directly and indirectly from this initiative that seeks to give visibility to these types of pathologies and raise awareness among society about the importance of science and research. The success of the project will allow the Isabel Gemio Foundation to continue working on other European projects and on new initiatives that take advantage of partnerships achieved across Europe.