New online meeting of the Erasmus+ QUALITY YOUTH MENTORING FOR INCLUSION

On Thursday, June 13th, the partnership of the Erasmus+ QUALITY YOUTH MENTORING FOR INCLSUION, co-funded by the European Union, held a new online meeting to analyze the development of the main results, to organize the pilot test and to agree on a date for the 3rd transnational meeting of the project in Nicosia (Cyprus).

Entities with an inclusion and accessible environment will be able to implement the mentoring process in their work methodology, something that can bring numerous benefits. The people will be more satisfied, as it improves those qualities in them that are most valuable for professionals.  Some of the benefits for the implementation of the program are:

  • Strengthening leadership, in line with strategic objectives
  • Promotion of an action policy focused on achieving objectives
  • Identifying, retaining and directing talent towards specific projects
  • Increasing loyalty and enhancing internal communication
  • Facilitating the transmission of the institution’s values and organizational culture.

The partnership will start the pilot test of the initiative in the following months aiming to test the results and enhance the outcomes. For that matter, we will conduct 6 different mentoring relationships between big brother and younger brothers. We are looking for apprentices willing to accelerate their  individual, educational and professional development; and mentors willing to encourage social inclusion, solidarity and tolerance.

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