Second transnational meeting of the Erasmus+ YOUNG PEOPLE WITH RARE DISEASES: THE VALUE OF FACING LIFE

Toulouse was the chosen venue to hold the second transnational meeting of the Erasmus+: YOUNG PEOPLE WITH RARE DISEASES: THE VALUE OF FACING LIFE. The partners met last Friday, July 22nd, to analyse the progress of the project and to coordinate the following steps.

Aiming to improve the statistics of the IGTV: YOUTH WITH COURAGE, the partnership decided to develop a newsletter with all the information of the project so far and to launch a campaign on social media to encourage people suffering from rare diseases to share their own story. Besides, the consortium will launch a questionnaire to evaluate the impact of the IGTV: YOUTH WITH COURAGE in three different target groups: young people with rare diseases beneficiaries, youth technicians and volunteers and the European society.

The third transnational meeting of the project will be held in Rome, on October 24th. Follow us on social media to know more information about the initiative: