On Tuesday, April 23rd, we held the kick-off meeting of the Erasmus+ EDUCATIONAL AID KITS IN THE FIELD OF RARE DISEASES (RD). The objectives of this new project are:

  • transform vocational training into a more accessible and inclusive education for people with RD that encourages them to carry out their studies in equity.
  • train future professionals without RD in the care of this target group, avoiding risks and negligence due to lack of knowledge of RD and opening new paths to employability.
  • establish an innovative working strategy between RD experts and VET teachers that allows them to include content related to RD and inclusive methods in their classrooms.

In this new initiative, co-funded by the European Union, and coordinated by Fundación Isabel Gemio, the partnership organizations are Universidade de Évora (Portugal), CESIE ETS (Italy), CMT-France (France) and Federación Española de Enfermedades Neuromusculares (Spain). The partnership will collaborare in the development of the following results:

  • METHODOLOGICAL GUIDE. An extensive guide that will establish mechanisms to promote the creation of more inclusive VET classrooms with RD students, as well as to establish methods to deal with training contents on RD compatible with their teaching curricula and their didactic programming.
  • EDUCATIONAL KITS. Sets of educational materials that allow teachers to use them in their classrooms to enhance the training of mid-level vocational students from the professional families of health and socio-cultural and community services.
  • VIRTUAL COURSE.  For the training of vet teachers in the use of resources and methodology through adapted digital tools.
  • ADVICE AND GUIDANCE SERVICE. A communication tool that will put teachers or professionals with intermediate vocational training studies in contact with experts from various fields in RD so that they can help them with the mechanisms to properly care for patients with RD.

The partnership of the project will meet in Madrid next month to discuss and plan the following steps of the project.