New online meeting of the Erasmus+ THE VALUE OF FACING SCHOOL

The partnership of the Erasmus+ THE VALUE OF FACING SCHOOL, co-funded by the European Union, held a new online meeting on April 20th to analyse and monitor the progress of the project.

This time, the partnership discussed the first part of the IO1. INCLUSION AND EQUITY IN SCHOOL (methodological guide), that will help students with rare diseases to achieve educational success. It will also analyse the impact and consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic in education, and it will underline the necessity of specialized training for professionals in contact with people affected by rare diseases.

As to the IO2. FACING MUSCULAR DYSTROPHIES AND OTHER RARE DISEASES IN SCHOOL (Open Educational Resources), the partnership agreed to create a key map of icons that will improve the accessibility of the material. This will help to connect the guide with the practical activities focus on digitalization, inclusive methodologies and health services.

The third transnational meeting of the Erasmus+ THE VALUE OF FACING SCHOOL will take place in Évora (Portugal) on October 10th. Besides, the partnership developed a dissemination plan that will give visibility to the project. “Follow us on social media and don’t miss anything”.