About the Foundation


The FUNDACIÓN ISABEL GEMIO for the Research of Muscular Dystrophies and other Rare Diseases, was born in 2008 with the aim of contributing to accelerate research in Muscular Dystrophies, other Neuromuscular Diseases and Rare Diseases, in those biological, physiopathological, genetic or therapeutic aspects that they can influence the development and application of curative treatments to those affected, besides promoting the exchange of information between experts, patients and their families, and promoting the development of pharmacology.

The Isabel Gemio Foundation focuses all its efforts on financing Scientific Research Projects that seek treatment or cure for Minority Diseases, known as “rare”, supporting basic biomedical, clinical and translational research of those groups that are leaders in Research in our country, fully or partially financing projects that are part of the CIBER Network.

About us

The founder, as our own name indicates, is the well-known Spanish journalist, Isabel Gemio. Along with it, we have a board of six people, who have a wide professional career, and among which include public figures, affected by rare diseases, media professionals, etc.

Our board of directors collaborates with our foundation in an altruistic way, contributing each of them the best in their field of activity.

Isabel Gemio

Isabel Gemio


Journalist, television and radio presenter. She has presented programmes such as Tal cual, 3x4, La Tarde, Esta noche sexo, Lo que necesitas es amor and Sorpresa, sorpresa, sorpresa.
In Onda Cero she has directed and presented "Te doy mi palabra".


José María De Arcas

José María De Arcas


Entrepreneur, former board member of Procisa, former board member of Oesia Tecnología, former president of Oesia México. Graduate in tourism business and activities.

Francisco José Hernández Ramos

Francisco José Hernández Ramos

Non-employer secretary

Married with two children. Practising lawyer since 1994. Managing partner of Estudio Jurídico. I collaborate with different foundations and NGOs, as secretary and legal advisor.

José Ramón Higón Porras

José Ramón Higón Porras



Carlos García Revenga

Carlos García Revenga


Former teacher and director of several schools, Teacher Training School and Faculty of Education Sciences.
Former advisor to Their Majesties the Infantas Elena and Cristina.
Graduate in Educational Sciences.
Happy father of two daughters and I try to enjoy the different options that life fortunately gives me.

Antonia Rudilla Asensio

Antonia Rudilla Asensio


I define myself as a self-starter, positive, communicative and confident that we are surrounded by alternatives and opportunities to help each other in a selfless way.

Work team

The people that composed the work team are:

María Romo


Doctor in Law and graduate in Law, Political Science and Sociology from the Complutense University of Madrid. Specialist in European Union, institutional relations and third sector, especially foundations, she participated in the drafting and monitoring of the III ACTION PLAN FOR PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES IN THE COMMUNITY OF MADRID.

Beatriz García Leiva

Administración – Secretaría

Degree in Psychology from the Complutense University of Madrid, with experience in the area of Human Resources. She joined the Foundation‘s team in 2017 and actively collaborates in the Foundation’s activities and programmes, as well as in administration.

Carlos Alonso Leal

Communication – European projects

Graduate in Modern Languages and their Literatures from the Complutense University of Madrid, with a Master’s degree in English Linguistics. He has participated in the management and coordination of several European projects within the cultural sector and education.

Soledad Canals Caballero


Degree in Biological Sciences from the Complutense University of Madrid, more than 15 years of experience in the third sector, in the area of fundraising, development of fundraising plans in non-profit organisations.



Scientific Committee

Scientific Committee Coordinator: Dra. Isabel Varela (2018-actualidad)

Former Scientific Committee Coordinator: Dr. Juan Bernal (2017-2018)

Active Families

Below are some examples of families and parents involved in the fight for the eradication of rare diseases through research. Thanks to them and their efforts, courage and will, we will one day achieve a world where these terrible diseases are cured and the quality of life of those affected and their families improved.

Loli Parra

Socuéllanos- Ciudad Real

Loli is Sergio’s mother. Her son suffers from Ehlers Danlos syndrome, a disease for which there is currently no treatment. When Sergio was born she was adamant that she would not give up trying to help him. To help with the research of Ehlers Danlos syndrome and other rare diseases she decided to organize a flamenco festival in her town, an initiative that was welcomed with the warmth of all her neighbors. Now when the festival is celebrated, she raffles baskets and auctions off paintings and shirts signed by football teams. This is all thanks to the solidarity of businesses, companies, and supporters of her mission. As she acknowledges, “If all parents in Spain did this, many illnesses might have treatments.” Loli knows that the only solution is funding and research projects for Sergio’s illness.

Olga Bienvenido and Jose

La Vall d’Uixó – Castellón

We are Jose and Olga, Álvaro’s parents. In 2012 due to a chance finding, our 16 month old son was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. From that day our life has been turned upside down. A path of suffering was ahead of us, but also great lessons in unconditional love for Álvaro and between us grew in the face of adversity.
We collaborate with the foundation as much as we can, with contributions monthly, buying their t-shirts, masks, the book, etc.
Throughout the pandemic we have also hand made scrub caps in solidarity with healthcare workers and to raise funds for research.
Now more than ever we can see how vulnerable patients with rare diseases are. Our health system and research institutions need more awareness from politicians and society as a whole. The motto of the Isabel Gemio Foundation says it well: “SCIENCE HEALS”. We just hope that our struggle can change the lives of millions of people in the future.

María Encarnación López Álvarez

Cuero Candamo – Asturias

Encarnita is a courageous mother with a son who suffers from muscular dystrophy. She does not rest when it comes to helping finance the research projects that we carry out through the foundation. These projects are crucial and often require commercial activity and dissemination of information about rare diseases.

There are several markets and fairs that María has attended to show and sell her homemade products and goods in order to raise funds for our foundation. Handmade soaps, crochet bracelets, dolls, nativity scenes, and Asturian sweets are some of the products she makes in solidarity with our mission and goals.

Jose María Carrasco

San Pedro del Pinatar – Murcia

The ‘Guillen’ family from San Pedro del Pinatar has a child with muscular dystrophy. Despite this disease that has struck their family, they continue to promote a national solidarity project through SMS donations and host a gala-dinner held annually in San Pedro del Pinatar (Murcia). They now also have started new projects such as solidarity races to raise funds for the research
of rare diseases.

The ‘A coffee for Guillen’ SMS campaign invites you to donate the symbolic amount of the price of a coffee (1.20 euros) through a short message by texting the word FUERZA to 28030. All funds raised are for the purposes of the Isabel Gemio Foundation and the funding for research into rare diseases.

Guillen’s family has promoted this solidarity project at a national level to concentrate efforts and provide more resources for research and the promotion of drug development for rare diseases that have around three million affected in Spain.

Network of Mothers and Fathers in Córdoba

Family Isabel Roig and Jesús Pineda, Volunteer Rafi García, Volunteer Pilar Martínez, Grandmother María Rubiales, Volunteer Araceli Bergillos, Volunteer Mª José García, Volunteers Charo Ortiz and Paco Gómez, Concha Pedraza Family, Family Antonia and Santiago Vallejo… and many many more.

Produced by Antonio Leal

The Spanish Network of Mothers and Fathers in Solidarity is a collective of parents supporting research into muscular dystrophies and other rare diseases that their children and relatives suffer by carrying out various events and activities.

Their mission focuses on creating informational campaigns and raising awareness for muscular dystrophies and other rare diseases. They work to forge a path for more research into these diseases through fundraising campaigns such as grants, concerts, street markets solidarity, festivals, cooperation with other associations, collaborations with schools, solidarity products, among other avenues.

The mothers and fathers in this network, with their tireless work and courage, have currently contributed 49,310 euros to research in rare diseases, but they have no plans on stopping trying to find solutions that bring hope to so many families. If you want to help them, call us or their number below and we will let you know how.

  • www.reddepadressolidarios.com
  • reddepadressolidarios@gmail.com
  • Tlf. 627 80 13 21 – 666 529 995

Paco, Graci, Jorge and Alberto

Miguelturra, Ciudad Real

Paco, Graci, Jorge and Alberto live in Miguelturra (Ciudad Real). Alberto was born in 2003 and in 2007 he was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. His diagnosis has changed the lives of his entire family and friends. However, his and his brother’s character, strength, and sense of responsibility has made them into a great solid pillar for everyone in their lives. They collaborate with the foundation whenever there is an opportunity, from school solidarity markets to solidarity concerts, always in the aims of promoting research and winning this war against Duchenne.

Antonio Alfaro and Trinidad Domínguez

Cheste, Valencia

Antonio and Trini are the parents of Adrián who suffers from Duchenne muscular dystrophy. From the moment of his diagnosis, they mobilized to raise awareness for this rare disease. They recognize that the only way to overcome these diseases is through research. Adrián is currently being treated by Dr. Vilchez at Hospital La Fe in Valencia who is also a member of our foundation’s scientific committee. For this reason, and being supported by his city and its council, on June 7, 2015 Dr. Vilchez organized a special Charity Festival in the Pavilion Cheste Sports Center: “All for Adrian”. All the funds raised from this event went to the research projects against Duchenne muscular dystrophy, in order to find a treatment that makes it possible to cure it.

Not only has this festival been organized, but countless companies and celebrities have donated altruistically or have participated in fundraising in order to be able to raise more funds for research into this disease that will benefit not only Adrián, but every child and person who suffers from it.